Want a Job Which Lets you Travel? Try These 10 Job Opportunities

This article is dedicated to all those who want to travel. If you feel that perhaps it’s a good time to travel, take a look at the following jobs. These are ideal for the globetrotter in you:

1. Diplomats: These are well-respected posts (and high paying if you’re lucky!) and these provide budding diplomats with the opportunity to travel & work at an embassy position around the world or perhaps even as a national ambassador at the prestigious United Nations (UN). Furthermore, these posts are almost certainly government based, which provides additional job security.

2. Pilots & Flight attendants:  For the adventurous men and women who want to travel the world, this is often the most sought ought option. Admittedly, this is a job which requires dealing & cleaning up after customers, unconventional flying schedules and dealing with jet-lag is an absolute must. However, if you are still interested in the job, give it a shot!

flight attendants, air hostess jobs, singapore airlines
Flight Attendants are always portrayed as glamorous jobs

3. Sales Representatives: If you are a consistent salesperson, this provides a great opportunity for you to travel around the world, irrespective of your job. For example, top performing finance and insurance salespeople can be a part of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), which rewards high performers with international flights and tickets to conferences around the world.

4. Tour Guide: Travelling doesn’t always need to be international. As Sri Lanka is a country rich with flora and fauna, there are numerous organizations who have job opportunities for locals to give guided tours: sometimes they can be around main cities or even out in the wild. The choice is yours.

5. Translator: As a country which has 3 official languages, if you happen to be a maestro in at least one of them, such as Sinhalese, French, Mandarin, English etc. it may be hugely beneficial as foreign governments and private corporations pay handsomely for these services since they are a much desired skill as more organizations have to deal with people from different countries.

news reporter, journalist, camera, interview,
News Reporter in action

6. News Reporters: This is almost certainly a popular choice as it gives news reporters the chance to travel globally and focus on global stories related to business, world news, sporting and entertainment events.

7. English Teachers: If your English skills are strong, you may be able to make some money off it. A number of individuals who travel manage their living expenses by teaching English.

8. International Aid worker: Dedicated to those who like to give back. This is a difficult field to break into, but for some people it’s worthwhile as it allows them to give back to society by travelling to various parts of the world and to help individuals who are less fortunate.

aid worker
Aid worker providing a vaccination

9. Scientists: Not all scientists work in laboratories. A good example is the case of the Oceanographer. These individuals take care of oceans, marine life as well as natural resources on Earth’s oceans. They work in a variety of numerous fields such as consulting firms, environmental protection, oil and gas as well as protecting the environment. The demanding nature of the job means that their work takes them to various places.

10. Management & IT Consultants: Companies want personnel who are capable and qualified when they handle certain areas of business such as Computer security, developing and maintaining IT systems, Supply chain & business process management. Many large firms will be willing to pay for the ‘right’ candidate, so work hard!

Which of these jobs appeal to you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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