8 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With mother’s day coming around the corner. A lot of individuals are feeling the pinch as they hurry to get a gift and look for unique ways to make their moms feel special on Sunday, May 10th. This begs the question: what can I get for my mom? We’ve separated our ideas for those who can afford to spend a little money, as opposed to those who want to make Mother’s day special… without breaking the bank.

For those with extra cash to spend…

mother and son silhouette
Your mum took care of you. Time to return the favour

1. Take her out: It’s good to give mom a treat. Take her out to a meal at her favorite restaurant, or go  shopping and buy something she wants, go to watch a movie (let her choose the film!) or take her on a drive over the weekend.

2. Get her a gift

i) Flowers and cards: The classics are always pretty good. Mother’s appreciate flowers, especially those which will last for a few days so she can show off to her friends. If you are good at baking, make her a cake.

Good in the kitchen? Bake your mother a cake!

 ii) Order online: Little bit of a gamble, but if you can find something which she really likes and can deliver it in time, give it a try. Popular items include jewellery, chocolates, gift vouchers to her favorite store etc. Given the fact that there are a number of sites which does this in Sri Lanka, this could be the easiest way to go!

iii) Spa/Ayurvedic products: Mothers are inherently busy people. So, if you can’t book a one weekend break at a nearby spa, try looking into spa products. Some outlets in Colombo allow you to purchase a number of spa items (facial scrubs, body lotion, moisturizer etc) for a decent price.

Mother’s day on a budget

Sometimes, its the little things in life which make a difference. Have a look at these ideas for inspiration.

1. Call: If you live far away from her, pickup her phone and give her a call, not an email or SMS. Call her and have a chat and catch up. She’ll be glad you rang.

child calling on a mobile phone
Call your mother and tell her you love her

 2. Go on a picnic: Weather permitting, go to a park like Viharamahadevi or Galle face for a picnic. The food doesn’t need to be extensive: achcharu and vadai are simple items which will impress her if you do it well.

3. Organize a family gathering & get help to cook a grand sunday lunch. This is a gem of an idea for groups, whether it be in the neighbourhood or a large family. This allows everyone to pitch it with a good dish, celebrates the joy of being a mother and provides a great reason to meet and have a good time.

photograph album
Dust off those old photo albums, its time to make good use of them!

4. Make a photo collage: Simple, but quite effective. Get a bunch of old photos from your old photo albums. Make sure these showcase milestones about your mum’s life (her birthday, wedding day, the day you were born, family outings and funny moments). Put these photos into a fancy photo collage, to the tune of her favorite song. Throw in some of her famous saying (every mother always has advice to offer!) and she’ll be elated when she see’s the final product.

We hope that these suggestions give you some ideas to pamper one of the most valuable members of our society: mothers.

Happy mother’s day from all of us at HNB General Insurance!

hnb gi LOGO

Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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