6 simple ways to keep your car nice and cool

Its pretty common that Sri Lankan drivers experience some pretty intense weather-as we live on the equator we experience a continuous summer and humid weather all year round. Thus, we often seek refuge in the comfort of air conditioning. Here are a number of methods you can use to combat the heat and humidity:

1. Park in a shade: One of the most simplest methods-park in the shade. Look for a shady spot and park your vehicle in a way that the sun hits the rear window and not your windshield. This may not be as effective as using sunshades, but its an effective method nevertheless.

A time honoured tradition: park in the shade and cool off

2. Tinted windows: If you have the money to splurge, its a good way to block out the sun. The last thing you want is having the glare of the sun disturb you while youre driving; this can cause accidents as it temporarily blinds the driver. However, If you don’t have enough funds to spend, you could always consider wearing sunglasses while you drive.

NOTE: If you are adding tinted glass, be sure to check the law regarding the legality of it.Tinted glass is OK for the rear windows, but it is an offense if the windscreen and the two front windows are tinted. If you are ever unsure, please refer the Motor Traffic Act. 

3. Sun shades: A pretty smart investment, these nifty devices block the rays of the sun, meaning that the temperature is a lot lower so your car stays much cooler than if you were without sun shades. If you don’t have one, try asking around at local garages and auto repair shops-they should be able to point you in the right direction.

sun shade
Grab a sunshade and reduce the heat
4. Open a window… slightly: Ever had a situation where you open the car door, only to be greeted by and all that hot air comes out in a rush? Here’s an idea-leave the window slightly open so that it allows for airflow. Be sure to keep them only slightly open (minimize theft) and you may want to reconsider this option on a rainy day!
5. Be smart about your Air-conditioning: Here’s a fast way to cool your car: Switch on the A/C to its maximum once you start the engine and open all your windows slightly. This allows the cool air to push out the hot air through the opening in the windows. This allows you to cool down your car quickly. Be aware though, and close up your windows afterwards. Furthermore, if you suspect that your A/C doesn’t work as well as it used to (ie: the air is not as cold as you remember), then you ought to have it inspected.
AC, A/C, Air conditioning
Be smart with your Air conditioning and cool off faster

6. Cloth seats-Hot seats are always uncomfortable. If you happen to own a vehicle with leather seating, we’d strongly advise that you switch to cloth. If you prefer leather seats though, get a seat cover/towel so that you have some level of protection for your skin.

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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