6 Smart Ways to Plan a Great Vacation

With school holidays in full effect, we thought we’d share a few tips on how you can plan a good vacation. Here are some tips which we think you’d enjoy.  To know more, keep reading;

1. Use ‘incognito mode’ to book flights: Because of cookies in your internet browser, your details are stored when you check the price of a flight. So you shouldn’t be surprised when the price of the flight goes up a few days after you’ve checked it earlier. If you use Incognito mode (a method used when you’re on a strangers computer or want to access secure accounts such as your bank online), this seems to happen less often.

Use Incognito mode to book cheaper flights

2. Use websites in a clever manner: Travel sites such as Expedia, Kayak and Travelocity to get a variety of deals. Google flights is an excellent source as well. However dont forget to try out 2 more websites- the website of the airport you’re going to (ie: if its Singapore, try the Changi airport website to see what are cheaper flights to Singapore) and also the airline(s) you plan to travel on, as they could provide you with more cheaper options.

3. Research smart: We have mentioned the use of Google Street View in Sri Lanka. In the same way, a lot of countries (especially those in the West) will have plenty of visuals to give you an idea of your intended travel destination. Google Map the places and streets you plan on going. Its better to research smart and know what you’re getting into instead of going in blind.

travel research, travel itinerary
Use the internet to help you research and plan your vacation

4. Get help from Social Media: Low on time but want to make the most out of your trip? Get on Facebook and ask your friends about what to do and places you can go to. Chances are your friends will recommend places which you might enjoy. The same goes for Pinterest and Instagram- look up photos from past trips and ask if there are any places worth going to.

5. Check out hotels: This applies for those who travel often as well as those who travel less frequently. If you want to try some place new, research hotels on sites such as Tripadvisor and then contact the front desk  and book the room. If possible,  try to book in advance; you may be able to bargain for a better rate on some occasions.

travel itinerary
Don’t have a full itinerary-give yourself time to relax

6. Make a rough plan but try to be flexible: Now that you’ve done a little research, group your activities together according to the key ones-the main places you want to visit. However, do make it a point to explore and allocate time to try out new things- a nearby market, a new restaurant etc. Travelling shouldn’t feel like you’re going from one meeting to the next, it should give you the chance to explore-so don’t pack your trip with too many ‘must see’ places; slow down and enjoy your vacation.

We hope you enjoyed this list- next time we’ll focus on packing your trip and make the most out of your vacation.

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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