7 ways to be “Smart” with Your Smartphone When Traveling Abroad

Your smartphone is probably one of the few devices you won’t ever be without. So, it makes sense for you to use it when you’re travelling. Here are some tips on how to be ‘smart’ without spending on excessive data charges.

1.  Use Wi-fi: Wi-fi is free. Use as much of it as possible. Use apps such as Wi-fi finder to find both free and paid places across the globe. For example, if you’re in Singapore or the USA, some of the hotels/café’s you’re in are bound to have free Wi-fi.

Use Wifi Hotspots whenever possible

2. Does your phone work abroad? Simply, check out if your destination has a GSM (international standard) or CDMA (not as universal) network. Most destinations Sri Lankans travel to should be fine, just check with your phone provider and be sure.

3. Look at existing options; Most Sri Lankan mobile operators now have roaming facilities, even though they are likely to be pretty expensive. Look at the rates and see if its worthwhile spending some money or if you can get by using wifi.

4. Consider an international SIM card; there a lot of mixed reviews on this one-partly because you need to change your number. However, if you are expecting to be on your phone often, it may make sense to get one so that the cost is minimal

airplane mode
Use Airplane mode to ensure that your data doesn’t get used unnecessarily

5. Use apps: If the Wi-Fi connection is very good, look into apps such as Skype to make international calls for free, or opt for Facebook/Whatsapp or other messaging services to stay connected.

6. Airplane mode: Airplane mode is a fantastic tool-it helps you to keep your battery running for a lot longer, and it ensures that you won’t be able to use data or send/get text messages or calls. However, wi-fi is an exception. Feel free to activate wi-fi as necessary

Apps like Skype are a great way to enjoy free calls abroad

7. Switch off Push Notifications: If you need to stay connected and don’t want to knock off your data roaming, switch off push notifications so that you’re not constantly bugged by messages or emails. TIP: Set emails to manual- this avoids automatically downloading big files, save it for when you have a good wi-fi hotspot.

Did you enjoy this list? Tell us which tips you use to get the most out of your smartphone when you’re travelling in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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