‘It Can Wait’, a short film produced by HNB General Insurance gets high praise at Raindance Film Festival 2015

We’ve got some exciting news; HNB General Insurance produced Sri Lanka’s first short film/ public service announcement (PSA), dubbed ‘It Can Wait’. The focus of the film is about something we have highlighted before: texting while driving. We are proud to announce that this film was done in collaboration with debut filmmaker, Shaveen Bandaranayake and received significant praise at the 23rd annual Raindance film festival held in London, recently.

The Poster for It Can Wait.

What’s the plot of the film? 

The genre of the film falls into the Action/Thriller category. In the film, Maya (played by Amaya Fernando) finds herself in a bizarre situation where her only method of communicating with the outside world is via text messaging.

Cast and Crew
The cast and Crew of ‘It Can Wait’

The Bigger picture

In the past few months, there has been an alarming rise in the number of motor accidents in Sri Lanka. We have noticed that using mobiles while driving has been a key reason for this. With this in mind, ‘It Can Wait’ attempts to highlight the necessity to keep your eyes on the road while you’re behind the wheel.

Role of HNB GI as a responsible insurance provider

As a responsible insurance provider, HNB General Insurance wanted to give a clear message to the public by portraying the importance of safe driving, specifically the impact texting and driving has on you and those around you.  This is a powerful message to put across via social media- the trailer (see below) was initially uploaded on Facebook and Youtube. We will be uploading it to other platforms and selected cinema halls around Sri Lanka. ‘It Can Wait’ is set to premiere before the end of the month, both online and in theatres. We can safely say that this is one short film you shouldn’t miss, given it’s attention to detail and out-of-the-box approach. 

DOP Checking Settings
The film focused on the bigger picture; texting and driving

Stay safe

As an insurance company which seeks to find innovative solutions to existing problems, we at HNB General Insurance are delighted to be a part of this initiative, which is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. We wish to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Shaveen and his team and wish him the best for his future endeavours.

Wanna know more?  Check out the trailer below, which was first launched on Oct 12th at the Raindance Film festival 2015. The full film will be launched very soon, so watch this space!

hnb gi LOGO

Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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