6 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

As December is less than a couple of months away (yikes!), we felt this would be a good time to review your vehicle. We know that you, dear driver frequently maintain your vehicle. That being said, there are some drivers who don’t maintain their vehicles. On that note, we bring you 6 common car maintenance mistakes you really should avoid.

1. Using Ordinary Glass Cleaner on your Windshield

This is a bad idea. Home glass cleaners use ammonia. Over time, ammonia breaks down heating elements-usually seen in your rear windshield. This means that the wires will not work well when it needs to clear out your back windshield. So please, use the appropriate glass cleaner as recommended by your mechanic/manual.

windshield wipers
Replace your windshield wipers often

2. Not replacing your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers will also experience wear and tear. When they do, they will leave a streaky wipe. When should you replace them? Basically if they leave streaks and/or if they don’t clear the windshield as well as they used to. Given the spike in rain these last few weeks, we highly recommend that you look at your wipers, so that your driving wont be affected when you’re on the road.

3. Ignoring the Check Engine Light

This is so popular, its a recurring gag on a popular sitcom! Sometimes the light comes on but your car works fine and you’d think ‘Everything is fine’. However, the more you delay the vehicle check up the worse it can be. Be smart and check with a mechanic as soon as you can. The shorter you wait, the cheaper the cost for repairs than having to spend a lot more on your engine-which is the heart of your beloved vehicle.

Dont ignore the check engine light

4. Skipping Oil and other fluid changes

Motor oil is vital to the running of your car. So it is imperative that you change it often. If you leave it in engines for too long, the oil breaks down and leaves a lot of oil sludge, which damages your car. If you don’t have it at all-your vehicle will stop running.  That being said, look into other vital fluid checks: transmission fluid, brake fluid and engine coolants need to be looked into so that you can keep your vehicle running nice and smoothly

5. Not Using your Filters as recommended

Clean filters ensure that dirt particles are stopped from entering parts of your vehicle like its engine, air conditioning system or fuel systems. The trick is having your filters as clean as possible. Dirty air filters can cause a number of issues like a worn out engine or poor gas mileage. Change your filters as recommended by your mechanic/manual/vehicle manual to keep things working smoothly.

Use air filters as recommended

Oh, and while we’re on that note…

6. Servicing your Vehicle incorrectly

This is a cardinal sin. Virtually every vehicle will have an owners manual-use it. If your vehicle is new and computerized, the various sensors should be able to tell you if something is wrong. Sometimes, you may need to call on a mechanic, but take the time to learn basic changes (ie: changing oil in your car) since you can be assured that your vehicle is in capable hands and that you wont need to spend needlessly on car mechanics.

Did you like this list? If you think we missed some ideas, present them in the comments section below!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

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