Drive Smart – Drive Green

You love your car, we all do. But it comes at a cost. Maintenance cost, fuel cost and more importantly the environmental cost. The use of vehicles has a great impact on the CO2 levels of the environment. Here are some ways to drive green.

  • Filling-up Smart

Everything that goes into your vehicle matters. Be mindful of the type of fuel you pump in and how you do so. It takes more fossil fuels for oil companies to make higher octane fuels. Since most fuels today have an ethanol blend, you can stick with the lower grade fuels to keep the environment and your vehicle happy.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Trips

Avoid special trips to the gas station or to the mall. Make everything is covered on your way home. This can reduce the usage of fuel consumption as well as it reduces air pollution.

  • Avoid Idling

Make sure you turn off your engine when you’re on a parking lot. Idling a car for nearly 20 seconds burns more gas and emits more CO2. If you are stuck at a light, a pedestrian crossing or in a traffic jam, shift to neutral.

  • Slow down

Driving more than 55 mph (89 km/h) reduces your fuel efficiency by almost 15%. Be mindful of your speed limits.



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