‘Lights’ on the Road

Traffic lights and pedestrian crossing lights are which something we come across daily on our way back and forth. These are used to control the moving vehicles and to slow down drivers from going too fast as well to reduce accidents. If there were no traffic lights or stop signs, people’s lives would be in danger from divers going too fast.  These devices are meant to keep all motorists safe and following the rules of the road. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences and injuries. Traffic lights are designed to direct traffic on the streets and provide a safe place for drivers and pedestrians.

When there are traffic lights or pedestrian crossing lights, people have a tendency to drive slower and look out for people walking in the middle of streets. This helps in controlling the traffic congestion as well as roadside accidents.

Here are some interesting facts about traffic lights:

  • The quality of our air on this planet is improved thanks to traffic lights, as there is a reduction of car emissions when a vehicle travels at a steady pace. More air pollution is emitted when a vehicle is braking, stopping, or accelerating.
  • These devices also play a role in road safety. While accidents still occur at intersections, these crashes could have been prevented by the drivers yielding to the traffic lights. Many lives have probably been saved by traffic lights being installed.
  • Traffic lights also help ensure that pedestrians and bicyclists get their fair share of the road. It may be potentially life threatening to cross a busy street. Having crosswalks could help dramatically lower the risk.
  • The first ever traffic signal was invented by J. P. Knight. The first traffic signal was installed in 1868.

Installing traffic lights takes a lot of work and planning from the community and the city. There’s a considerable amount of time and costs involved in this process. The number of roadside accidents could be reduced with the proper use of  both pedestrian crossing lights and traffic lights.


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