Car Care Tips

The basic car care techniques may often sound very confusing. But, in reality basic care car is often simply a matter of popping open the hood and taking a look at the engine of your vehicle. Some basic car care starts with examining the exterior. Check your tires at least every other week to make sure they are inflated properly.

Other visual checks that require almost no vehicle mechanics knowledge include the following:

  • Body and bumper damage -Leaking fluids underneath the vehicle, including oil, power and brake fluid, transmission or other fluid (air-conditioning may cause water to drip under a vehicle).
  • Smoke in vehicle exhaust, aside from normal diesel emissions or start-up fumes engine or fluid warning lights, which should be promptly addressed before any further driving.
  • Engine oil level and cleanliness – Make sure the fluids are above the minimum line, and below the maximum line. You should also keep an eye out for any leaks or worn radiator and other tubes, which should be replaced before pushed to the point of bursting.
  • Antifreeze/coolant level (never attempt to remove radiator cap while engine is hot or warm)
  • Belts – Belt replacement is somewhat difficult for some motorists, but is a relatively simple and inexpensive fix at a service station, so it may be worth the trip to your mechanic to get the right belt installed correctly.

In addition, you should also keep an eye on your vehicle’s battery, and be aware of its age. Batteries should be replaced every five years or so (based on the requirement of your vehicle) and if your battery is not getting the proper charge to easily start your car, you should have it checked.

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