Driving Tips for Beginners

Here are useful driving tips for beginners.

  • Be Confident

A safe driver is a confident driver. It is natural to be nervous at the first time. Take a good breath. Make sure you keep your emotions under control when you get behind the wheel. Mostly importantly, think of all the practice you’ve received and be confident!

  • Get Comfortable

Ensure you’re comfortable with the vehicle before taking it for a spin. Know every function of your vehicle and every special feature and every special control of your vehicle. Some of these include; seat controls, radio, air conditioning, heaters, windows features, locks, how to clean the windshield, what the gauges mean, etc.

  • Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol is never a good choice. This is a common road advice, never drink and drive. This will not only harm your life but also the lives of fellow drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Drive with care.

  • Senses Matter

Many think vision is the only sense that you need to drive. But what about the smell of burning oil or brakes? What about siren sounds of emergency vehicles? All these senses help you to prevent a car crash or an unpleasant road experience.

  • Park safe, park right

This is another important aspect of driving. Know the local traffic parking regulations and the general rules of parking. Never park blocking a gate, an entrance, another vehicle or a road. Read more about safe parking: https://hnbgeneralblog.com/2016/04/12/its-all-about-parking/

  • Automotive Mechanics

This doesn’t mean anything too technical. Know how to change a tire in an emergency situation, pop the hood, jump start and add oil and coolant to the car. Know what you need during an emergency situation: https://hnbgeneralblog.com/2016/05/05/7-things-you-should-always-have-in-your-car/


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