Dry Out Your Vehicle in 3 Easy Steps

There are several ways to clean your vehicle and save it after an emergency flood. Follow these three easy steps to get water out of your vehicle and to save your vehicle.

Step 01 – Cleaning Excess Water

The main aim after a flood, if your vehicle was caught is to get out the excess amount of water from your vehicle, this could be quite challenging. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner would help you to take out the water out of your vehicle. Use towels and other absorbent material to dry out your car effectively.

Step 02 – Clear out Moist

No matter how well you clean your vehicle if it’s not fully dried out. Start using a fan for more support. This would help to fry out the vehicle’s floors and seats from one side to the other. Keep the vehicle’s doors open and leave the fans running for at least a day inside your garage. In case there’s excess water, try using the heaters in your vehicle. This could temporary dry out the interior parts of your vehicle.

Step 02 – Keep Mold Out

At times, a simple wet spot within your vehicle could lead to mold growth. Use a blow-dryer to clean out such places which couldn’t be reached out with a simple effort. Do not rely on air-fresheners when your vehicle is a flood victim. If possible, try using a moist-absorbent such as baking soda which will prevent your car from producing bad odors.


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