Lost Your Important Documents During the Flood/Landslide Season? Here’s What You Should Do!

The Disaster Management Center has reportedly estimated that around 250 individuals are still living in temporary camps and a reported 61,859 individuals have been displaced as a result of the recent season of landslide and flood.

Following these two major natural disasters, many individuals have lost their valuable belongings including valuable identification documents. In case you’re a victim and you’ve lost such valuable documents here’s what you can do:

  • National Identity Card:

In case you’ve lost or misplaced you NIC during the flood and landslide season, immediately obtain an application form from the ID office or Divisional Secretariat. The completed form should be certified by the Divisional Secretariat. Make sure to lodge a police complaint stating details of the lost NIC. A letter should be obtained from the Grama Sevaka confirming your address and other relevant information.

The Department has stated that NIC’s obtained prior to 1st of September 2014, is unlike to contain information on the database and citizens are required to hand over the completed form and the other two documents in order to avoid any delays. If you’ve obtained your NIC after the above mentioned date and have lost or misplaced it during the recent landslide or flood season, you’re requested to produce a document confirming your personal details. This could be your passport, birth certificate or even your marriage certificate.

  • Passport:

In case you’ve lost your passport, immediately lodge an entry with the nearest police station, soon as possible.  Make sure you clearly state every important detail regarding this and try to recall as much as information which was included in your lost passport.

Once you lodge the complaint, provide a copy of this to the Department of Immigration and Emigration and officials will guide you with the process further. In case, your passport was drenched, make sure you produce it to the Department in order to obtain a new one. There will be no penalty charged if the  drenched passport is produced to obtain a new one.

  • Certificates – Birth/Death/Marriage:

In case you’ve lost a birth certificate or a death certificate during the recent flood/landslide season, make sure you provide details as much as possible, as most of the details related to these are stored in a database and could be recovered in a shorter time. The fee to obtain this would be Rs. 100.

In case you’ve lost your marriage certificate, you’ll be able to obtain it from the place which you initially obtained it from, as an example; if you initially obtained it from Colombo or Galle, you’ll be able to recover this document from the Colombo DS or the Galle DS.

  • Deeds:

In case you’ve lost your title deeds or other property related documents, you’ll be able to recover them from the Land Registrar. There are 45 Land Registries for this specific purpose.

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