Home Safety Tips for Elders

Here are some simple yet important facts to keep in mind when leaving elders alone at home.

  • Minimize Fall Risk

Reportedly, falling is the most common accident affecting elders. It is important to address this issue by implementing safety bars to assist elders and to prevent sudden falls. Safety bars can play an important role in assisting elders.

  • Environmental Safety

Make sure the external environment is safe and is free from any dangerous equipment. this could be sharp equipment or any other dangerous material. Elders prefer to enjoy the environment as well as to live freely. A safe surrounding could help elders to spend their day peacefully and leisurely.

  • Secure Your Home

Make sure your home is secured and is free from any dangerous equipment or material. This could add more stress to family members. A safe home doesn’t necessarily mean a good security system but an effective arrangement and placement of different items affecting various safety factors.

  • Other Factors

If elders are left alone at home make sure there’s sufficient lighting, air, water, food and other basic necessities. Ensure there’s an emergency contact list (speed dial if possible) and other assistance. Keep all unwanted/extra doors or windows closed. plan a fire or an emergency exit and an easy path to enter and exit.

Be safe at all times!

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