Look Right, Left and Right Again

As you may have observed, traffic usually come from your right side when you’re waiting to cross the road. If you’re looking for a safer way to cross the road, here’s what you should keep in mind.

As traffic usually flows from the right direction, ensure that your right side is clear of traffic or any sudden vehicles. If the road is clear, check the left side for any sudden vehicles or traffic towards you. You should then check the right side again, as this will inform you of any sudden traffic before you reach the middle of the road. As you reach the middle of the road, you should look again to your left.

Keep in mind, although this is the known case, several roads may differ. Some roads could be one-way roads and some roads would give out specific directions for pedestrian crossing and movement of vehicles.

Stay focused and stay away from distractions. Leave mobile phones and other devices aside when you’re about to cross the road. Stay safe!

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