Steering Wheel: Protecting and Cleaning

Many tend to forget to clean the steering wheel which is an important interior element of your vehicle and  which is constantly held while driving. The steering wheel is a known place which gathers dust and other dirt particles, especially if the hands are too moist. Here are simple yet effective ways to clean the steering wheel.

  • As the initial step, a wet towel could be used on the steering wheel to soften the grime
  • A degreaser or any other solution could be used on a microfiber towel
  • Gently rub the towel on the steering wheel and circulate in small sections
  • Continue to wipe the steering wheel gently
  • Once you deice the steering wheel is fully cleaned, wipe the steering wheel in a 360 degree circle in order to make the cleaning even
  • Once the steering wheel is cleaned with a wet towel with a preferred solution, with another fresh slightly wet towel, gently clean off the steering wheel
  • To end the process, add a preferred protectant as necessary

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