Looking After Your Vehicle Like a Grown-Up

 06 helpful tips to take good care of your vehicle

  • Tires: Ensure the tires contain the specified tire pressure. The tires should be replaced once the tread wear indicators are visibly seen between the threads. The tire pressure has an impact on the fuel efficiency and other driving conditions. Check the tire condition and pressure every other day to avoid any unfortunate situations on the road.


  • Oil: This needs much attention. The oil level of the vehicle should be changed every 3,000-3,500 miles for a smooth, uninterrupted, quiet drive. Make sure to check the oil level of the vehicle regularly. Be mindful of the type of oil used.


  • Windows: Make sure windows are cleaned with proper solution. In case a window is damaged make sure to replace it. Check for regularly cracks or damages. A smooth wiper will clean the windows in a proper manner.


  • Brakes & batteries: Pay attention to the braking system of the car in order to maintain maximum braking efficiency. The brakes should be checked immediately in case something irregular is noticed. Check the battery once a month. In case the battery runs, have it checked by a professional.


  • Interior: The interior ambiance of the vehicle is another impart part of the cleaning process. Make sure to dust out every possible part of the vehicle. If possible use a car vacuum to clean the vehicle effectively.


  • Lights: The headlights, taillights,  brake lights, reverse lights, parking lights and signal lights are checked often. in case the lights dimmed, make sure to get it checked by a professional.

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