Items You Should Always Keep in Your Car

Essential items to store in your car

  • An Empty Gas Can: This becomes very useful when your vehicle runs out of fuel and is stuck in the middle of the road. Make sure the can is empty as filled cans could be harmful.


  • Water Bottles: This is another essential item in case you’re stuck in a traffic jam or you face a sudden breakdown. A water bottle in the vehicle can be a real life saver!


  • Traction Mats: This is another ‘must-have’ in your vehicle. When your car’s spinning its wheels on mud, a traction mat which is made of plastic or lightweight steel can help you get unstuck.


  • Jumper Cables: This is another absolute essential. A paid of jumper cables can help you start the car’s dead battery and bring it back to life. Follow the proper instructions before jump-starting your vehicle.


  • A Flashlight: An LED flashlight could be very useful in case you’re stuck on the road during the night time or looking to fix a broken vehicle.


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