HNB General Insurance Appoints Jude Benjamin as its Chief Business Officer for Personal Lines and Branch Network

HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI) a fully owned subsidiary of HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) announced the appointment of Jude Benjamin as its Chief Business Officer for Personal Lines and Branch Network.

A professional with a charismatic and a dynamic personality and a product of St. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, Jude holds expertise of over two decades in Marketing including, brand building, marketing communications, business development, event management as well as broker development.

Prior to the appointment of HNBGI, Jude has held many Senior Managerial positions. At his last position, Jude served Orient Insurance Limited as the Senior Vice President for Distribution and Marketing for a span of five years, prior to which he functioned as the Assistant Vice President, Marketing of American International Group (AIG). He has led many initiatives in developing distribution initiatives as well as strategizing operations and setting up and monitoring distributions channels. In addition, Jude has served Asian Alliance Insurance as the Head of Marketing for a period of two years and Union Assurance PLC as the Manager for Broker Networking for a period of six years.

All About Road Safety

Walk safe, drive safe and be safe!

Walk safe:

  • Make sure to study about pedestrian rules and regulations
  • Be alert to reckless driver behaviors
  • Avoid walking in areas where you cannot be easily seen
  • Cross only at designated pedestrian-crossings
  • Watch for signals and lights on the road
  • Walk on the sidewalk (pavements). If there is none, walk on the side of the road, facing oncoming vehicles

Drive safe:

  • Familiarize yourself with controls in the car before driving
  • Move driver and front passenger seats back as far as possible
  • Whenever possible, begin your trip in daylight
  • Avoid the usage of cell phones and other distracting equipment while driving
  • Follow road rules and road signs
  • Know about the condition of your vehicle

05 Driving Tips for the Festive Season

The festive season is filled with happiness and celebration. Stay safe on the road and make this season more memorable. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

  • Don’t drink and drive – Drunk driving is a major contributory factor to road accidents and road deaths. Plan ahead alternative transportation modes to travel during the season.


  • Control the speed – Watch out for the speed on the road. Do not attempt to exceed the maximum speed limit on a given route.


  • Wear your seat belt – Always buckle up. Wearing your seat belt can reduce your risk during a crash. Make sure the passengers are buckled into appropriate safety seats.


  • Obey road rules –Always obey the rules of the road. Stay within the speed limits at all times.


  • Carry an Emergency Kit – An emergency kit should include items that would come in handy if you are stranded on the side of the road or involved in a vehicle accident.


Do It Yourself: Tips for a Smoother Oil Change

Worried about changing oil in your vehicle? We’ve got some simple tricks to make it smoother.

  • Before you being the process, examine the engine. In case the engine is cold start your vehicle and let it run for five minutes in order to warm the oil. If the engine is too hot, wait for at least 30 minutes to avoid hassles.
  • Make sure not to use an adjustable wrench or socket on the drain plug. Use the properly sized box-end wrench, usually metric, for the plug.
  • Make sure to use jack stands always. Never work under a car that’s supported by a jack only and use new oil to coat the oil filter gasket before spinning it on.
  • Always hand-tighten the filter. Never use a filter wrench.
  • Line up all the oil bottles you’ll need for the fill so you don’t lose count along the way.

Safety Tips: Driving in the Rain

Worried about driving in the heavy showers? Here are some useful road tips to ease your drive during the rainy season.

Know the Route: Make sure you’re aware of the proper route of your destination. Avoid suing any congested alternative routes or roads that are flooded.

Follow the Rules: Adhere to road rules and respect the fellow drivers. Following road rules reduce accidents rates during the rainy season.

Lights Matter: Make sure that your vehicle is visible to your fellow drivers and other pedestrians. Use appropriate lights to be seen during the heavy showers.

Slow Down: The roads are slippery. Slowing down will avoid many unpleasant situations on the road during thunder showers. Take extra care to slow down when rain first starts, as fresh rain will bring out the oils on the roadway and make roads more slippery.

Give Room: Make sure to give enough space to other vehicles and always main an appropriate distance between two vehicles. In case of a sudden breakdown, your vehicle wouldn’t be stuck in the middle.

Sudden Movements: Avoid sudden movements on the roads. Stick to your lane and adhere to the given speed limit.

Watch for Pedestrians: Watch out for pedestrians on the road and on pedestrian crossing lines. Pay attention to the road and leave distractions aside.


Items You Should Always Keep in Your Car

Essential items to store in your car

  • An Empty Gas Can: This becomes very useful when your vehicle runs out of fuel and is stuck in the middle of the road. Make sure the can is empty as filled cans could be harmful.


  • Water Bottles: This is another essential item in case you’re stuck in a traffic jam or you face a sudden breakdown. A water bottle in the vehicle can be a real life saver!


  • Traction Mats: This is another ‘must-have’ in your vehicle. When your car’s spinning its wheels on mud, a traction mat which is made of plastic or lightweight steel can help you get unstuck.


  • Jumper Cables: This is another absolute essential. A paid of jumper cables can help you start the car’s dead battery and bring it back to life. Follow the proper instructions before jump-starting your vehicle.


  • A Flashlight: An LED flashlight could be very useful in case you’re stuck on the road during the night time or looking to fix a broken vehicle.


Looking After Your Vehicle Like a Grown-Up

 06 helpful tips to take good care of your vehicle

  • Tires: Ensure the tires contain the specified tire pressure. The tires should be replaced once the tread wear indicators are visibly seen between the threads. The tire pressure has an impact on the fuel efficiency and other driving conditions. Check the tire condition and pressure every other day to avoid any unfortunate situations on the road.


  • Oil: This needs much attention. The oil level of the vehicle should be changed every 3,000-3,500 miles for a smooth, uninterrupted, quiet drive. Make sure to check the oil level of the vehicle regularly. Be mindful of the type of oil used.


  • Windows: Make sure windows are cleaned with proper solution. In case a window is damaged make sure to replace it. Check for regularly cracks or damages. A smooth wiper will clean the windows in a proper manner.


  • Brakes & batteries: Pay attention to the braking system of the car in order to maintain maximum braking efficiency. The brakes should be checked immediately in case something irregular is noticed. Check the battery once a month. In case the battery runs, have it checked by a professional.


  • Interior: The interior ambiance of the vehicle is another impart part of the cleaning process. Make sure to dust out every possible part of the vehicle. If possible use a car vacuum to clean the vehicle effectively.


  • Lights: The headlights, taillights,  brake lights, reverse lights, parking lights and signal lights are checked often. in case the lights dimmed, make sure to get it checked by a professional.

Road Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are some quick driving tips to keep in mind!

  • Be safe on the road. Don’t let children to fight or climb around in the vehicle. Make sure children are always buckled up and the doors and shutter and closed and locked appropriately. One accidental bump or too much noise can easily distract you from concentrating on driving safely.
  • Avoid cell phones and other distracting devices. Cell phones can easily distract you from the task at hand. Keep all the devices aside and focus on the road.
  • Avoid driving when you’re tired or stressed out. Be aware that some medications can cause drowsiness and make operating a vehicle very dangerous. Get adequate sleep and make sure you’re physically and mentally fit enough to drive a vehicle.
  • Always use caution when changing lanes. Cutting in front of someone, changing lanes too fast or not using your signals may cause an accident or an unpleasant situation.



Parallel Parking Tips

The ‘S’ Way of Parking

Worried about parallel parking? Here are simple tips to help you out:

  • Always look out for incoming and back traffic
  • Make sure your foot is always on or near the brake pedal
  • Ensure the parking space is at least six feet longer than the vehicle
  • Flash the brake lights and put on your turn on signal lights before you park
  • Reduce the speed


The ‘S’ Method

  • Turn on your signal and pull up three feet away from the vehicle you want to park behind. Make sure to align your back tires with the other vehicle’s back bumper
  • Put your vehicle into reverse and turn your wheels all the way to the right
  • Very slowly back up until you are at a 45-degree angle, then stop
  • Turn the wheels all the way to the left
  • Back up very slowly until you are parallel with the curb

Road Rage and 05 Easy Ways to Stay Calm

Road rage is referred to the sudden anger provoked within a motorist. As we all know, road rage could lead to many unpleasant memories. Here are some simple steps to stay calm during road rage.

  • Control Your Rising Anger

It is important to identify the factors which lead to road rage. Some of these indicators may include angry thoughts, tension, muscle ache and headaches. Once you identify the factors which lead to road rage, it is important to look out for these factors.

  • Take Time to Calm Yourself

Its important to stay calm despite the angry/vengeful thoughts. Make sure your’re in a safe location on the road. If you find it difficult to calm your thoughts on the middle of the road make sure to move your vehicle aside safely. Be mindful of any road signage, pedestrians or incoming traffic. This would help you to collect fresh thoughts.

  1. Use Techniques to Stay Calm

Make sure to use breathing or meditating techniques to stay calm during a tensed situation. Deep breathing is a quick and an easy breathing technique that help individuals to stay calm. Given the situation, use simple meditating techniques to stay calm.

  1. Listen to Calming Music

A soft or a relaxing tune will help to keep calm during a tensed situation. Avoid listening to fast-paced, aggressive music during a tensed situation.

  1. Counting Helps

Counting during a tensed situation could help you to remain calm. Count upwards for about a minute and change the pattern and continue for another minute. Focus on the breathing pattern while you count. This will help you to stay calm and would surely cheer up your mood.