6 Essentials Every Car Owner Needs

If you recall, we earlier suggested a variety of items you ought to have in your cubbyhole. We felt a good follow up was necessary. On that note, we bring you 6 essentials everyone ought to have in their boot, check it out:

1. Flat tire kit: Grab a spare tire, you never know when you may get a flat tire. Along with that, you ought to get a screwdriver and car jack so that you’re well sorted in case you need to fix a flat tire. Yes, you can call for help, but a little bit of planning goes a long way. Once you do sort out vehicle out, do attend to that flat tire immediately!

Have a spare tire and jack to repair a flat tire

2. Jumper cables: Who here hasn’t had a situation where the car battery has died? Jumper cables are a godsend for those who have been in this sticky situation. Even if you don’t need it, you may be able to help someone else by jumping their car for them, you can be sure that they will be super grateful.

3. Flashlight: Sometimes you may need to look into the hood or underneath your car. You’ll look silly trying to use your phone since you wont be able to see anything. Being able to see the parts of your car which are hard to see with a strong beam will help keep you calm in case your vehicle breaks down, or if are looking to give it a good tuneup.

torch, flashlight
A strong beam of light from your torch will help make searching a breeze

4. Tow Strap: Okay, lets just say that you or someones vehicle just gets stuck in the sand or a nasty ditch or big enough pothole. Go to a local garage and invest in a quality tow strap. Like the jumper cables, you may not need to use them for yourself, but at least you have the chance to help someone else out. As we have pointed out, towing charges are very expensive, so if you are well prepared with a strong tow strap (and a willing good Samaritan) then it’ll help you save thousands of rupees, as well as the mental agony associated with being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

5. Clean up kit: Working on your car is usually a messy affair. So bring along gloves so that you don’t get your hands dirty while changing a wheel, a spare towel you can throw onto the ground to protect your clothes if you need to say, fix something underneath your vehicle, as well as a small water bottle and soap to clean off your hands.

Its always good to have a first aid kit, just in case

6 First aid kit: One of those things which we honestly hope you don’t need to use, but its something which is good to have just in case. For example, If you or your loved ones suffer a small cut, you can be certain that you can treat it without having to worry about finding the nearest doctor.  Go to your pharmacy and invest in one of these beauties.

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.