Are you too tired to drive? Check our 7 point safe driving checklist

Lets look at an area which is often under reported:  driving  when you are tired.

As we have found out earlier, driving when you’re tired contributes to a large number of road accidents annually. Let’s observe some warning signs you should be mindful about.

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Falling asleep at the wheel is a dangerous thing to do

Warning signs

If you encounter any of the following signs while you are driving, chances are that you are in danger. Please take a minute and note down these signs, as they indicate that you’re too tired.

  • Repeatedly yawning
  • Rubbing your eyes and generally finding it hard to stay awake
  • Difficulty focusing on the road
  • Feeling exhausted, restless or irritable
  • Erratic driving: drifting in and out of lanes, missing exists on the highway,  and not stopping at traffic lights.
  • Finding it hard to keep your head up
  • Loosening your grip on the steering wheel
dangerous driving
Stay in control of your vehicle and protect yourself, and everyone else on the road

What to do if you are feeling sleepy

Now that you’re aware that you are not OK  to drive, look at the following options to see what actions you should take:

  • If possible, slow down and take a break. Even a 15-30 break is better than driving continuously.
  • Fuel up: grab a cup of tea and have something light to eat to re-energize yourself.
  • If you’re traveling with someone, take turns driving so you can get a little rest.
  • If you have to, call a friend or stop and stay somewhere overnight: its better to get somewhere late than not get there at all.
Make sure you rest and take refreshments when you’re driving

Tips for long distance drivers

For those who travel extensively, be it for work or for a weekend, you may want to plan ahead. Take breaks every hour to stretch your legs and have a little water to refresh yourself. In addition, get 6-7 hours worth of sleep before you embark on your ride.

We hope you follow these ideas to ensure that you get to your destination safe and sound.

Safe travels from all of us at HNB General Insurance!

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