INFOGRAPHIC: What to do if you break down on the Highway

The highways are a haven for travellers in Sri Lanka. It has improved travel time tremendously. For example, a resident in Colombo can now reach Galle in 1 hour, when the previous trip took a little over 2 hours.  The immense popularity of both the Colombo-Katunayake highway and Southern expressway illustrate that people want to get to their destinations faster.

However, have you ever wondered what you should do if your vehicle broke down on the highway? Worry no more, have a look at our infographic below and remember to drive safe!


HNB General Insurance: Official Insurance Partner for Colombo MotorShow 2015

HNBGI Motor Show Official Insurance Partner

Big News

The Colombo Motor Show is happening this week at BMICH from 27th Feb-1 March, starting from 8am-9pm. We at HNB General Insurance (HNBGI) are thrilled to announce that we are the Official Insurance Partner for the event. In addition, we will be having a stall at BMICH and would love to see as many of our fans (ie: YOU )at the event!

What should I expect at the Motor Show?

Tickets are priced at Rs. 100 and are available at the gate. For that price you have access to the following:

  • Vintage cars & motor bikes
  • Car care products
  • Exciting bike stunts
  • Game Zone
  • Car navigation products
  • Car audio products
  • Car finance and insurance companies
  • Body Kits & Accessories
  • 4X4 Show and a whole lot more

What should I expect from HNB General Insurance?

• Car Insurance: Our friendly insurance motor insurance advisors will be happy to answer your queries, including car insurance quotes and other questions about motor insurance in Sri Lanka

• Engagement: We will be having a special ‘selfie’ competition for the best smile of the day, so take this opportunity to get your smile on and you could walk away with some great prizes!

Raffle draws: An oldie but a goodie, our team is always around to give you a chance to win, so stay close!

We are very excited to be sponsoring this event and hope to see you at the BMICH!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

Google Street View in Sri Lanka: Have you spotted the Google car yet?

1. What is Google Street View?

In Mid December 2014, Google Maps announced that they would be bringing their world-famous Street View to Sri Lanka. Google Street View allows you access to high quality images of streets in Google Maps, or Gmaps for short. Accessing Street View is as easy as dragging the orange icon onto your screen, making it possible to find certain locations, landmarks streets ahead of time.

2. Where are they going?

Jaffna, Matara and Arugam Bay will be the first to witness the Google Street Team in action. They will be covering every single street, in order to provide a comprehensive experience, which is very handy as there are a lot of side roads and ‘by lanes’ in our country. Check out this car, which is coming to a street near you.

Google Street View in Sri lanka, Google Maps, Gmaps
Image Credit: ReadMe

3. Whats In It For Me?

For starters, there would be a lot fewer excuses about ‘getting lost’ when trying to find a relatives house. This provides Sri Lankan’s with the opportunity to manage driving directions, find good parking spots and locate businesses and restaurants ahead of time.

4. What about Privacy and Unflattering Images?

Some people are understandably concerned about privacy. However, as reported by ReadMe, Google edits the images by blurring faces and license plates. Furthermore, if you find an unflattering image on Google Street View, you can make a compliant to Google. Other pessimists suggest that potential tourists  may be less inclined to visit if they were to see some of our less than flattering streets. However, Colombo has gone through a significant upgrade in places such as the independence square, and our cultural icons such as the Dalada Maligawa, Sigiriya and Galle Fort can be viewed in all its glory using Street View, so it balances out favorably in the end.

Have you seen the Google Car in your neighbourhood? If so, tell us where. Better yet, take a picture of yourself with it and get in touch with us!

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.

Say Hello to Our New General Insurance Blog!

A little while ago we teased that we would be unveiling a new blog for our new company, HNB General Insurance. Now that it’s up, we wish to give you a warm welcome!

welcome to HNB General Insurance Blog. Im

We’ve gone the extra mile in answering two questions you may have:

1. What kind of posts should I expect?

Posts will focus primarily about motor vehicles and travel. For best results, check out our Home page, we have a number of useful articles ranging from vehicle maintenance, analysis of road safety in Sri Lanka, driving safely in wet weather, motor trends, packing tips for your next vacation and a whole lot more.

2. I’d love to know more about HNB General Insurance, how do I stay in touch?

For the most up to date information, LIKE our Facebook page (to the right). While you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog as well to get the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox! We’ve also supplied links for our General Insurance and Life Insurance websites as well, so give a click and check us out.

Any more questions? If so, please leave them in the comments and we will get back to you. If you don’t, have a look at our Youtube Video (see below). Appropriately titled: ‘A New Beginning with Total Coverage’

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Disclaimer: The views shared in this blog are based on the macro economic conditions & industry status quo as per the time of publishing.