Going on the road with children? Try these 6 tips to make life easier

Are you planning on going traveling with kids? If you are, chances are you may be dreading it. Fear not! With a little bit of planning, travelling with them can be a very enjoyable experience. Check out our tips  to make sure that you unload the stress and pack more fun instead.

1. Take toys or a picture book: If you’re traveling with young children, make sure you bring all their favorite toys and even a picture book to keep them entertained while you (or your spouse) drives. Bonus points if you can get a story which is relevant to your the destination

kids in car
Keep kids occupied with toys, stories and music

2. Loosen up with a few games: This is arguably the oldest form of entertainment; try and share stories which are interesting, ‘I spy’ is a good game for young children, let everyone share stories of things they like (ie: hobbies), talk about previous trips you’ve had or even play some music and sing along.

3. Be prepared: We’ve mentioned (things you should have in your cubbyhole link) that you ought to have a few select items in your vehicle at all times. Make sure that you’ve got the basics covered; bring water, medication such as paracetamol, and snacks to keep everyone  happy

child in safety seat, child car seat
When possible, ensure your little one is well rested and well fed before you begin

4. Drive when you’re child is asleep: If you can, try to plan your driving time when your child is normally sleeping. If they do start to cry and throw a tantrum, check if their diaper needs a change or if they are hungry. If the answers to both these are ‘NO’, then take a deep breath and remind yourself that your child will be fine and wait it out.

5. Break often: Take a break every hour or two. Try and predetermine rest stops ahead of time which lets you relax and stretch your legs while you have a nice cup of tea. If you’re feeling tired, have your spouse take the wheel (if possible).

take frequent breaks, kids playing jump rope, skipping rope kids and moms
Take breaks often so that everyone stays relaxed and well rested

6.  Keep them involved in the journey: One of the simplest ways to make sure that older children stay involved is to give them a map and give them responsibility of figuring out where you are, and also calculate how long it would take for you to get to your final destination. Switch off your GPS, because map reading is still relevant and can be a fun activity when done right.

map reading child
Teach your child to read a map and keep them involved

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