The Ultimate Travellers Checklist: Cold Climates

A little while back, we published a checklist for those who plan to travel to hot, humid climates. It only felt natural to publish one for those who intend to travel into much cooler countries such as the United States, Canada or England during the Christmas season. Without further adieu, here is our head-to-toe checklist for cold climates.


  • Cap
  • Ear muffs:Helps cover your ears.
  • Scarf

Upper body

  • Thermal underwear: this is your first layer of warmth. The thermals should be a comfortable fit to maintain your normal body temperature
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Jumper for warmth: the second later of warmth, you can take this off while indoors
  • Jacket: The third level of warmth. If you plan to engage in skiing or snowboarding for a significant period of time, invest in a good quality snow jacket, otherwise take a water repellent/waterproof jacket if you expect heavy rain or expect it to be cold.
  • Gloves
Image Credit: The Guardian


Lower body

  • Thermal underwear: sometimes optional, but better be safe than sorry!
  • Jeans/Long sleeved pants


  • Canvas Shoes
  • Sport socks/quick drying socks as they move the moisture away from your feet/dry a lot faster

TIP: If you are going skiing or snowboarding for a significant period of time, invest in proper snow shoes and ski socks.


  • Mobile phone+ charger
  • Digital camera+ charger
  • Travel adapters
Image credit: Sylviabrowder


  • Toiletries bag:
  • Soap/shower gel
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving gear
  • Medicines
  • Travel clothesline and soap flakes
  • Extra/dry bag to store wet clothes


  • Guidebook/Itinerary
  • Luggage/suitcase and carry on bag
  • Travel documents: Passports, visas, airline tickets/boarding passes
  • Travel Insurance

Did we miss out on anything? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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